The Servants of the Storm

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Storm is approaching and now everything is clear the prediction was true all the time and so is the girl who can fulfill the prophecy if she stays alive. Luckily she has Alain the Mage with her protecting her in every battle and providing her much needed company in the world in which she thinks that she is alone.

All the people who have been with her since her childhood are now her enemies and want her dead at any cost. They have multiple followers who now see in Mari a messiah that can help them in the confrontation of the Storm of chaos. But before the storm another threat approaches the Broken Kingdom i.e the threat of war.

The Great Guild is ready to unleash hell on Mari and her followers; Mari finally realizes that the Storm has many Servants that would appear one after the other. Jack Campbell adds another problem for Mari and Alain in the form of knowledge that they want to secure. If they save the world and not the knowledge that was once brought to their world than still it would be a loss that cannot be mend in any way. There was a hint about such a thing in The Assassins of Altis  and The Pirates of Pacta Servanda  and now we know from where the knowledge came from and why it is so precious.

The best thing about this part is the improvement in narration, the narrator is the same but MacLeod Andrews has narrated this part of the series in the best possible manner. No one can criticize the narration at any place till the ending.

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