The Seventh Bride

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The Seventh Bride is a paranormal science fiction fantasy, which could also give a horror fiction experience to many listeners. It is written by T. Kingfisher in a very awe inspiring manner. Kaylin Heath has done the narration of this novel and made it a wonderful and a joyful experience for the followers of this audiobook.

The author T. Kingfisher has penned many other fictional novels. Horror and paranormal fiction is her go to genre, where she already have accumulated a huge fan base. A couple of her pleasant novels that you would love listening in their audiobook format are: The Wonder Engine and The Twisted Ones.

The story in this novel is about young girl Rhea, who is daughter of a miller of low birth. So she understandably get surprised when Lord Crevan, a mysterious nobleman shows up at the door and proposes Rhea to marry him. As commoners usually have no will of their own to turn down lords, even if they are sinister, so Rhea had no choice other than to say yes to the proposal.

Lord Crevan put a demand in front of Rhea, which was to ask her to visit her manor before they get married. Upon arrival at the manor, Rhea discovered that Lord Crevan was married six times before and her wives were all imprisoned inside his castle. Rhea was determined not to share the same fate and was looking for her freedom. In response, Lord Crevan put forward a series of magical tasks in front of Rhea to be completed. It wasn’t easy tasks for Rhea and the story takes some really steep turns from then onwards.


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