The Seventh Scroll

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Wilbur Smith in his series about ancient Egypt tries to touch each aspect of the historical era with a rich history. Royan and her husband were searching for a treasure that existed just in myths before they originally started witnessing the clues. Year after year the clues increased and they got closer to the seventh scroll. Whoever holds the seventh scroll would be able to have its powers at his disposal. The husband and wife were so much engaged in their work that they never guessed who was keeping an eye on them.

Someone from far away was looking at their every move and one day Royan saw her drawers empty. Her life’s work was stolen from her house; all the clues which she had about the scroll were gone. With this robbery in her house, Royan also confronted another tragedy in the form of her husband’s death. The same group of people who stole the information of the scroll murdered her husband too. She is aware the group will come for her soon. Burying her husband was the first thing she does after which she continues her search again.

Reaching the prize before the enemy becomes her primary goal in life. River God and Warlock also have different stories involved in them but all of them are somehow linked to ancient Egypt. Mark Meadows narrating in classic style just brings out our liking for it even more. Every word mesmerizes us and takes us into the era of pharaohs where secrets were mummified most of the time and then they were buried under the pyramids. Waiting for the third part becomes difficult after the end of this treasure hunt.

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