The Shadows

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The Shadows carries on with the long and beautiful saga of The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series in an awe-inspiring manner. The beauty of this series is that you will never witness a dip in any of the chapters and neither in between those. Thanks to some amazing writing by J. R. Ward once again who knows how to attract audience to go through his novels from cover to cover.

Where Winter Finds You and The Jackal are other fantasy novels from the author that deserves a chance to be read or listened through their audio versions.

The narration of this chapter is done by Jim Frangione, who has also done the narration of prior chapters of the series. However, in this chapter specifically, he was found pronouncing some names differently. It was a bit of distraction for all the keen fans who have been following throughout this series from scratch. The corrections however were too late to be made in this chapter 13. He should have gone with the same pronunciation of names that he was using since chapter 2 of the series. However, overall, the narrator JF has done a reasonably good job in keeping the audience entertained and connected throughout the chapter.

The story in this tale is of two brothers who are close with each other a lot more than just their relation of blood. They together were going to uncover some conspiracy, which will eventually go on to alter their destiny forever.

Overall, The Shadows is extremely well written by the author. It will give listeners enough of the backstory, while still not being bogged down too much into the flashbacks. The novel is highly recommended for all J. R. Ward fans.

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