The Silent Blade

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This novel is as lethal as it sounds by its title. The author, R. A. Salvatore is again at his best to produce something, which will be remembered for a long time. The book is part 11 of the amazing Legend of Drizzt series and you would definitely keep it in your archives as one of the best novels that you ever listened. The narration of this novel is given once again by Victor Bevine, who seems to be the unanimous choice for the job by the author with all his top notch voice-over skills.

Is there any chance of the Crystal Shard to get demolished at last? Drizzt is fully focused to demolish Crystal Shard completely and for this matter, he seeks the much needed help of Cadderly, who is the scholar priest. But, soon he realized his worst ever fears known to him and Crenshinibon gets stuck at the hands of the Jarlaxle, who is the dark elf mercenary. Jarlaxle is totally unlike his supporter, Artemis Entreri.

This novel, The Silent Blade is the one that brought the strong character of Drizzt back to its height and it expectedly became the best-seller novel in the New York Times with its initial release. It remain in printing for many days since its release and stands as one of the finest novels written by R. A. Salvatore.

Starless Night and Streams of Silver are also authored by R. A. Salvatore and they are part of his Legend of Drizzt series. In both these novels, you will love Drizzt, but in a different way. The diversity of the author and his command over the storyline would definitely make you read further with the Legend of Drizzt novel series.

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