The Silent Sister

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Diane Chamberlain has been prolific with her style of writing and creating the most powerful characters, especially the female ones in her stories. This book, the Silent Sister is another powerful and an inspirational piece of work of a woman and her miserable life experiences. The narration of this book is given by Susan Bennett, who herself is a highly acclaimed narrator, capable of doing complete justice to the characters that she plays.

In this book, Riley MacPherson is introduced as the central character, who has spent all her life with the belief that her elder sister Lisa as a teenager committed suicide. 20 years later now, her father died, while she was living in North Carolina. As she was cleaning our home, she found a piece of evidence that was totally contrary to her belief that her elder sister committed suicide. Lisa was, in fact, alive and living a healthy life, but under a new identity.

The question arises that why she is living with a new identity, why she is on the run and what secrets is she keeping now? Riley started to find out the truth. Riley had a task cut out to decide how her past relates with her present and what she will be doing with all the newly found secrets from her sister’s life.

Some of the other books by Diane Chamberlain includes The Stolen Marriage and The Dream Daughter, which are both women-centric novels and the author and the narrator of the books have done complete justice to bring these novels, where they stand today. Highly recommended for book lovers, especially Diane Chamberlain fans.



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