The Silent Wife

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People usually say that appearances are always deceptive but these appearances keep our life and relations in better shape. For the sake of luxuries which we enjoy sometimes we have to lie to ourselves and present fake faces in front of the world too. But there is a limit to everything, even to our patience, as we cannot always make ourselves lie in every situation.

Kerry Fisher’s current book also talks about such a situation which the two wives face. First to appear before the listener in the voice of Emma Spurgin-Hussey is Lara whose life is such that can make anyone jealous of her. Massimo husband of Lara is making fine progress in his field and he is well associated with his wife. Their son Sandro gets their full attention and care all the time.

Then there are secrets between this couple that doesn’t allow Lara to get a perfectly peaceful sleep at night. No matter how much she tries she just cannot get those hideous pictures of the past out of her mind. Lara is not the only woman in the story who is keeping secrets there is Maggie too. Maggie is Nico’s wife who is the brother of Massino, thus the wives of these two brothers are keeping them safe from disasters. The Woman I Was Before and The Mother I Could Have Been also had stories linked to the past and present.

Here also the two wives are trying to preserve their present by keeping the past in the dark shadows. From the start, we know that sooner or later one of them would finally break and would present all the family secrets in front of us.

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