The Silkworm

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Cormoran Strike may have one leg but he has got a pretty sharp brain especially in the crime scenes. Initially, his career was not clicking when he opened the detective agency in The Cuckoo’s Calling. Then he got the case of Cuckoo’s murder which he solved perfectly. After that there was no turning back for him, everything which he touched turned to the real gold in his hands. Cases just came pouring out to him and he solved every one of these cases correctly. The fame of the detective has reached sky high and now the elite class tries to establish contact with him whenever they get into trouble.

Robert Galbraith puts Strike among the top-ranked agents of the town. Because of this fame when Owen Quine i.e a famous novelist does not come back home his wife calls for Strike. This is not the first time the novelist has gone out like this but as a usual routine, he comes back to his house, this time the duration has exceeded all limits. The strike is alarmed when she sees among Owen’s books, a book that has sketches of different people he used to know.

Along with their sketches, the author has also written some secrets which these men have never told to any other soul. Surely if the book had been printed most of Owen’s friends would have lost their image in society. Thus when the dead body is found the detective is not sure that who the killer is because it could be anyone whose face is drawn in that book. The narrator of the first three parts including Career of Evil is Robert Glenister who has completely dominated the story all the way. It was his narration that made the second part more understandable and loveable.

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    The Cuckoo’s Calling    

    Career of Evil


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