The Silver Dream

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The Silver Dream is a science fiction fantasy novel for the teens. It is part 2 of the InterWorld novel series, which made a great start to the saga. The novel is a tag team affair in writing between the Micheal Reaves and Neil Gaiman duo, who made it read and sound so special. Thanks to Alexander Cendese for the narration, which was highly appreciable throughout its length of well over 5 hours.

The author duo are highly reputed and also had the honor of becoming the best-selling authors in New York Times. This time, they have delivered a thrilling sequel to InterWorld fictional novel. It is absolutely awesome and full of riveting alternate realities and interdimensional battles.

Joey Harker post mastering the ability to cross walk between different dimensions is now on another mission to maintain peace between all the opposing powers of science and magic, who are looking to control all the accessible worlds. He has the support of all his fellow freedom fighters of the InterWorld.

Then comes Acacia, a stranger who followed Joey back to the base of InterWorld. This was when the things started to get complicated. No one had any idea that who she is or where exactly she has come from or how she is so well informed about the InterWorld.

Some highly dangerous time was coming up for Joey Harker and also for his InterWorld mission. It was all because of a traitor among them.

American Gods: The Tenth Anniversary Edition (A Full Cast Production) and Norse Mythology are other novels by the authors of The Silver Dream. If the subject novel inspires you then you should think about reading more novels by the author.







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