The Sleep Room

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It is a nice amalgam of the knowledge of psychology and the ghost world that we hear about since our childhood. The story also has opened a new dimension for the writers of the current generation to write on such a thing more boldly.

Frank Tallis is the novel “the sleeping room” opens a new dimension in the literature that is related to the new powers present in the human mind that human beings themselves have failed to understand until now. We can also term it as a ghost story told in a different way or with more reasons that the writers in the past failed to present.

James Richardson’s dream comes true when he gets an opportunity to work with the famous Dr. Hugh Maitland who has been James ideal since he joined the field of psychology as a psychiatrist. Dr. Hugh was the one who had invented a different therapy for the people who are terribly sick mentally and who could not bear the pain of their present life. Hugh used to make such patients sleep for a pretty long time even for months in most cases during which he used to continue his therapy.

James first feels honored at becoming a member of the faculty but later he starts seeing a strange behavior of the nurses near the patients at night and he is told about a strange issue that takes place when all the patients who are in sleep mode start dreaming at the same time. Matthew Brenher is the most appropriate choice for the narration as the voice of such a quality was needed for a story that really puts an impact on your mind all of a sudden.

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