The Soldiers of Halla

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The Soldiers of Halla is an audiobook for children. It is the 10th installment in the Pendragon novel series. The author of The Soldiers of Halla is D. J. MacHale. If you like to have science fiction novels added to your reading list then MacHale is a reasonably good choice of authors. There are plenty of awesome novels in his Pendragon novel series where The Pilgrims of Rayne is one of them. If you like this novel then you must also try his The Lost City of Faar novel.

William Dufris is the performer in this book. He maximized his strong voice to make this book a very pleasant and exciting experience for the audience.

Everything was leading to that. Every loss and every victory. This also included all of the sadness and the thrills, the despair and the hope. The heart-pounding story and adventures of Bobby Pendragon through space and time had brought that teenager to this epic moment. He must join forces along with all his fellow Travelers. That was needed for initiating one last critical and desperate battle against the evil Saint Dane. It is not just the 10h and ultimate territory was at stake, but everything everywhere was.

That was the war meant for Halla and every question was answered along with the revelation of every truth. The ultimate battle has just started.

This is the ultimate chapter of the series and you couldn’t ask for any better ending. This is the book and the series which will make you cry and laugh a lot. William Dufris did a great job in this novel and was mostly good in the series, apart from a couple of initial chapters of the series.

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