The Son of Neptune

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Rick Riordan’s first book on the “Heroes of Olympus” was introductory, there was some action and some old glimpse of the past to show the capabilities of the heroes. The Half-Blood are considered as mud bloods among the high ranks, still they have been loyal to their race and to the world in which they live. They got to fulfill prophesy at any cost whether the cost is their life the young blood is prepared.

There were certain things in prophesy that were confusing in The Heroes of Olympus, Book One: The Lost Hero, the first being the number of demigods. Prophesy was about seven heroes and Jason, Leo and Piper were four number short until the here about another camp.

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The next camp is not far away from theirs and it too has people they can utilize in their quest. The most dominant one being the “Son of Neptune” who is the god of sea, together they complete the team that was needed for the fulfillment of the prophesy.

Roman myths mould into different pattern like never before. The Romans culture and books never gave strong foundation to their myths but these fantasy books are slowly taking us to the basis or foundation of that culture. Grandeur of the gods and they way they live in Olympus creates awesome concepts in the minds of children.

Though it is all fantasy but the creativeness of the author cannot be neglected at all. At every step the grip of the story on our mind and thoughts is strengthened, the pictures start looking more real to us. It is not only the power of the pen but the voice of Joshua Swanson too that appeals to you. For some the voice is robotic because the tone never varies but when you are dealing with the god world this is the right way to narrate.



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