The Sorrow Hand

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A story related to the life and personal struggles of a soldier always bound you with the thing. “A Nick Drake Novel” also possesses the same sort of a hero who fought in the cruel war of Vietnam.

And it is clear from the profile that he can go through hell as well without a single scream as he was once considered the toughest among the rest.

The loner faces deadly issues not on the field but in the house that shatters his career apart as well. Nick returns to society to leave a cool and calm life especially the one with no killing involved.

That’s why he becomes a wildlife ranger who meets with a few people every now and then just for small legal issues and nothing else. Nick Drake never thought that he would be returning to the real-life one day.

But as he tries to return to the domain of the so-called human society, he starts to realize that this is something far too dark than the things that he has seen on the war fronts. Society is full of hatred and deceit.

Dwight Holing brings the darkness hidden in the society to light in the voice of Steve Marvel so that we can see our true face that is often kept behind the veil or mask of humanity. The dead body of the girl that Nick first finds is a symbol of cruelty and injustice as well, something that we see in The Pity Heart and Bad Karma as well. The novel also shows a race against time situation in which Nick has to find the killer before he commits another crime and thus it takes the shape of a thriller as well towards the later stages.

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