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James A. Michener was an American author who has got more than 40 books to his credit. The majority of his work were lengthy novels and fictional family drams that used to cover tales of many generations. He particularly explored well about the geographic locales while incorporating the solid history of United States as well. The Source is a typical James A. Michener book and probably the best novel that he has ever written. It is a literature genre fiction with a very compelling tale. A few other sensational novels from the author are Centennial and Alaska.

Larry McKeever is the narrator of this novel. His performance unfortunately was not much satisfactory as he struggled big time in pronouncing some simple words correctly.

In this novel, the author takes us back to the old times that stretched to the beginnings of the Jewish religion. It is an ancient time several thousand years ago. Through the predecessors of four modern people including both men and women, we could see the entire history of Jewish which seems to be quite colorful. It included the life of the Hebrews and their persecutions, the Crusades and the impact of Christianity as well. You will also experience the Spanish Inquisition and then the founding of the state of Israel of the present Day and the Middle East conflict as well. All this collectively makes a great experience for the audience.

The Source is a sweeping novel written by James A. Michener that is filled with extreme excitement and as well as the clash of armies including both the modern and ancient times. The way the author has portrayed this story, you will definitely love it.

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