The Starry Skies of Darkaan

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Cathella the next stop for the troop turns out to be another land full of magic and magical creatures that mean business. After some investigation the group of friends hears about a hidden artifact that has spread its powers all over the domain of Cathella. They have faced furious gods and their magic in Shadows of the Great Forest and Steel Wolves of Craedia,  now the time has come for the dragons to unleash their wrath. Dragons of Pangea the deadliest of the creatures now hinder the way of the quest and Krian and his friends cannot go to the next level unless they get rid of them.

After this the task would not be over because the next step is in the unending graveyard with a lot of surprises, of course a graveyard always possesses deadly surprises for those who dare to enter.

Nick Podehl makes the voice terrifying during the journey through the graveyard to portray the deadly picture of the landscape through which the main characters pass this time. G. Akella presents tough toil and there is a chance that the characters would get some triumph towards the next chapter because otherwise the ride would become boring for the fans too.

The journey is not bearing any fruit yet which confuses the fans at certain steps now, no one wants the series to end but the audience is in need of some direction in the story. No work is needed on characterization but the author is losing some grip over the plot too which needs some adjustment, not much but some minor adjustments can make things perfect.

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