The Stone in the Skull

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The novel is a perfect fantasy collection that allows your imagination to build up the scenario in a very clear and eye capturing manner. You can find all the ingredients of a good novel that keeps you engaged in it with the wonderful and strong characters and the fabulous storyline that keeps the interest of the listener going all the way till it ends.

The author Elizabeth Bear has strongly written the details and the various events in a way that connect in a very smooth way while giving the reader a composed impact about how the story develops and the characters get involved without leaving the details behind. You will find yourself indulged and involved in the story and will surely enjoy the fantasy-filled events that will keep your imagination going at its best.

The narrators Rendah Heywood and Firdous Bamji also have given their best voices and have created an impact to let you enjoy all the feeling and happenings, in a very creative and effective manner.

In this story, Gage who is an artist and has been a lover as well now wants to take revenge for his murdered love. The fantasy takes you to the next level thinking as Gage covers his body in a mirrored bronze sheathe.

Along with the dead man who is actually not dead they will be companions and will collectively confront all the real and hidden and open mysteries in a very interesting manner. The story has been written in a very mysterious but revealing manner so that the mysteries inside keep revealing with some efforts done by the dead man and the Gage but still there is a lot to discover until they get to their goal after solving and getting through numerous others which has been waiting for their arrival. Other stories in the similar genre Fall of Giants – Ken Follett, Before I Let Go – Marieke Nijkamp and others also give the best shot that readers would enjoy for sure.


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