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Bentley Little has never tried to talk about different points related to society, the main aim of the author has always been to take the audience away from the reality. Such stories help us in getting away from the torture and troublesome state of life. The listeners get the chance to visit Arizona again in this book. Such places were common in The Summoning and Gloria, the author selects all the places from the real world and then adds mystery in them.

An ordinary man takes on a difficult challenge which he has to fulfil in order to save his family and the rest of the town too. He thought that he was one of those blessed beings who had everything in his life. His two daughters and a beautiful wife were just ample for him. The job was also not very tough because he was able to do everything while remaining at home. All of it was working with the same smoothness until “The Store” came to the town.

The Store opened its outlet in the town and the construction of the building was done without following any laws of the town. From here the threat started and then the Store started kicking out the local shopkeepers out of business. Things got alarming when the shopkeepers also started disappearing from the scene too.

It is one man against an organization that is too powerful for the entire town. David Stifel should also be given full marks for the narration of this book. As a narrator David has played an exact role in providing an exact voice to the characters.

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