The Storm

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Dan Jolley is a fantastic writer, who has written some really inspiring novels for different age groups ranging from kids to preteens, teens and adults as well. Some of his novels also managed to make big in the famous TV/ films series as well. This novel, The Storm, in particular is a mystery thriller, which is dominated with top class suspense. The narration of this novel is handled by Jk Gregg, who managed to give an outstanding performance with his strong and expressive tone.

Red Springs is a beautiful small town in northwest corner of Georgia. It is dominated by white people by 95% and the remaining 5% were black. On one of the dark August day, a devastating tornado rips through the town. Sheriff Zandra was already up against a very difficult battle.

The first ever female sheriff was elected by a fluke and was given the charge for the recovery efforts, post tornado. Sheriff Zandra had absolutely no idea that how terrible things will get in sometime for her.

It was all because of a ghastly secret on which one of the relief worker stumbled across. The tornado ripped through the foundation of an old abandoned house and this was where the ghastly secret got revealed. This was unbelievable and sheriff Zandra was absolutely not ready for it or any of the consequences associated with the mystery.

My Boyfriend Bites is a popular novel written by Dan Jolley, which is definitely highly recommended and a must listen one through its audio book version. This one is a romantic novel for teens. Another novel from Dan Jolley, which is specifically for kids is the House of Teeth.

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    House of Teeth

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