The Stranger in the Woods

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The Stranger in the Woods is a true-crime memoir. It is written by Michael Finkel who excel in writing such true crime stories, memoir, and biographies. True Story is another fantastic book from the author that you could consider listening to. Mark Bramhall has done the narration of this chapter and his performance was quite appreciated by the listeners.

The tale of this book dates back to 1986 when a 20-year-old guy Christopher left his home and drove to Maine from Massachusetts. He disappeared in the woods there and started living a quiet and lonely life. He uses to fulfill his needs by stealing from other nearby cabins and he also got arrested one for this act. He survived intensely cold winters in tents through his courage and wits.

He developed some really smart ways to store water and food and to avoid cold. He only uses to take supplies that he required and was never greedy about things. However, the burglaries in the vicinity increased and the community was getting terrified with all this happening. Extensive interviews were conducted with the man so that this phenomenal book got its shape. It is a must-read of the book of survival and tells us also about what is right and what is wrong in different circumstances of life. 

The Stranger in the Woods is an outstanding tale of solitude and survival. It is a true story of a man who lived a lonely life in a tent that was in the Maine woods. He used to never talk to any other person and survive by stealing goods from the nearby cabins. All this went on to happen for 27 long years.

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