The Stranger

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Albert Camus was a renowned French philosopher who also has a number of top quality books to his credit. He also won the Noble Prize in 1957 in Literature and this feat puts him right at the top of his league. He was the 2nd youngest recipient of the Nobel Prize when he received his at the age of 44 only. The Stranger is his classic fictional literature novel, which gives literary fans some really inspiring goals. A few of his other quality novels that deserves your attention include the likes of The Myth of Sisyphus and The Plague.

The novel was translated in English by Matthew Ward. His translation into the definitive English version is considered as the best ne since the original novel got published. Jonathan Davis did the narration of this novel and as per the feedback and reviews of the audience, his performance was outstanding.

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When Meursault, a young Algerian kills a man then his imprisonment and trial conducted are quitter weird and puzzling for all. The amoral Meursault apparently puts very little into the ideas of God and love. Everything looked to be on trial for all his murderous actions and what the authorities believe about his scarce character.

The Stranger is rated among the most read novels f all times. It has its millions of copies sold worldwide and the book is perhaps the most significant story every conceived by any author. Moreover, it is definitely one of the most critical and influential books that is ever produced. This is your time to avail the audiobook copy of this fantastic novel to make the most of your literary time.


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