The Stroke of Winter

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Tess Bell had nothing important to do in her life and she was looking for something that could bring the energy back into her life. The old family home which she received was a window towards positivity for the woman. She decided to change the house into a bed-and-breakfast so that the issues of finance can be solved also she would be able to engage herself in something beneficial.

Wendy Webb i.e the writer of the novel starts the novel in a sluggish way because there is nothing much which is going on in the story in the opening but the listener should not get a negative impression about the story at this stage.

Xe Sands starts to move to the next level very soon when Tess Bell finds a studio in the house that has been closed for a very long time. The studio had the paintings made by Sebastian Bell i.e the grandfather of Tess. The paintings were quite strange in appearance and it was clear that they were hidden because of a special purpose. Something sinister was linked to those paintings and the scratch to the door.

Tess thinks that she has to find out what her grandfather was trying to hide from the rest of the world. The secrets which Tess starts looking for seem to be attached to a dark web which could endanger Tess’ plans but she does not stop because she wants to know everything.

Books that have suspense and some history attached often appeal to the eye and the author has a lot of such books like The Vanishing and Daughters of the Lake. This book also lies in the same category so don’t ignore the scenes at any stage, there is a lot to come in the later section of the show.

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