The Subtle Serpent

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Peter Tremayne is a British novelist, historian, and biographer. His expertise that we are mainly interested in right now is in crime mystery thrillers and The Subtle Serpent is one of them. The author has done several other novels where you will find a great source of entertainment. The topmost novels from the author to name here are The Monk Who Vanished and Murder in an Irish Village. The audio copy is worth listening to for the strong performances.

The audio narrations are the strongest part of the majority of novels that are written by Peter Trempayne and this subject novel is no different. Thanks to the excellent performance of Caroline Lennon. The narrator is entrusted to be the repeated choice in all the Sister Fidelma novel series.

The novel starts with the discovery of a headless body somewhere in the remote abbey of southwest Ireland. The corpse was recovered there from drinking well. One hand of the dead body clasps a crucifix and was tangled to the other arm. This was a pagan death symbol.

A merchant ship on the other end is found on the Irish coast. But, the cargo and crew of the ship have disappeared mysteriously.

Does the main question remain that whose body was discovered in the drinking well? Where the crew and the cargo of the ship have gone? Are these two highly weird incidents connected by any means? And, if this is right then who is the one responsible for all these incidents?

The Subtle Serpent is the 4th installment in the Sister Fidelma novel series. Listeners enjoyed the novel for immaculate writing done by Peter Tremayne and also the good audio performance from Caroline Lennon.


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