The Sword in the Stone

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The Sword in the Stone is a British Literature Classic. It is written by T. H. White in a very awe inspiring manner. The author has been marvelous in all his writing attempts so far and managed to make a good fan base for himself. A couple of his other classical and memorable novels are The Once and Future King and ‘The Witch in the Wood’ & The Ill-Made Knight’.

The Sword in the Stone in its audiobook format is lovely. The performance for this novel is given by Neville Jason, which was a good one. He was able to beautifully deliver the completely developed characters with absolute warmth. His narration has been able to set spark, which helps the listeners to get quickly transported into the castle of Sir Ector. It was probably for his narration that many of the audiences loved this audiobook more than its printed version. The audience felt that it was worth the wait as they had to wait for quite a few years to get the audiobook version of the same.

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The novel is very famous re-tellings of the tale associated with the life of King Arthur. Just like the popular The Lord of the Rings, this book has been able to get almost the same popularity, especially among the young readers and to some extent, the adults as well. In this chapter, you will find White taking a very daring and an inventive approach, which actually involves many of the animals, who were able to speak. This one definitely is a genuine Arthurian classic. The overall writing by the author and then its powerful narration makes it an absolute classic for the audience. Member Benefit

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