The Sword of the Lady

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Sword of the Lady is yet another interesting book within the Dies the Fire sequence by S. M. Stirling. He continues his systematic approach of presenting characters exactly the way they appear in their roles.

M. Stirling makes his storytelling passable in style and epic in scope. The narrator,  Todd McLaren has great control as each character has a distinct accent that befits their roles in the book. However, there are very few pronunciation errors, especially when it comes to pronouncing names of location. Overall, the storytelling and the narration represented the characters excellently well. It’s surely an engrossing and entertaining read.

In this book, some issues from the previous series were resolved. However, more mysteries replaced some of the earlier settled issues as new characters emerged. Mr. Sterling continues to impress with his crisp and epic storytelling style with contrasting characters with both good and bad characteristic.

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There is no doubt that Rudi and his troop faced a lot of challenges, and the author represented their travails in perfect order. However, it seems theirs is a long space of time when the narrator is describing the ordeals Rudy has to face throughout his travels.    But this will be very clear if you begin with the first series of the book and work your way down to this one.

Rudy continues on his journey to discover the truth behind the destruction of technology. He is journeying to Nantucket this time, a destination he feels should be his last stopping point. However, there are tribulations on the way, with a fanatical believer trying by all means to stop him. Nantucket is a thick island inhabited by a few hundred people who have lived there for a very long time. He has to tread carefully with the strangers if he is nursing any hope of accomplishing his mission there Member Benefit

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