The Ten Thousand Doors of January

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There are other worlds around us some call them parallel dimensions and other call them doors we can walk through. Whatever they are one thing is clear that they hide deadly secrets and is advisable to leave them untouched. Then there are doors that allure people for treasures and secrets that can change their lives. January Scaller is the girl curious about the mansion in which she lives, she is just the care taker of the house and after living in a small cottage all her life this is a big change she never expected.

Being the ward of the billionaire Mr. Locke one of the famous personalities of the town is a huge achievement for a low profile person like January. Mansion is full of artifacts and the girl fails to comprehend the wisdom behind their decoration. Nothing is arranged in a decorative sense but mystery glued to them can scare anyone, finally January finds something worth to read. The book that the girl finds is not the ordinary type it has knowledge that does exist in common literature.

The book tells about doors that can take you to different dimensions such as love and magic. January wanted to disappear from the scene and this was the way the fate provided her with, for her it was time to open the first door. Alix E. Harrow develops a new concept about dimensions and other worlds. They are presented as doors not as layers and there are no aliens behind those doors, the doors make your dreams come true. January LaVoy is not a new name for the fiction fans all of us have heard the voice and now what the narrator is capable of so no doubts rest on the voice quality. Patience and Not-Forsaken the other famous book by Alix is not in relation to this new concept, the author never tried such doors concept before. Thus if someone is listening to both of these books together than it means he is touching the North and the South poles together.

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