The Third Kingdom

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The Third Kingdom marks as the 2nd book of the Richard and Kahlan series and the 13th of the original, long and highly engaging Sword of Truth saga. Terry Goodkind was kind enough to bless his audience with such a bundle of joy and happiness with his impeccable writing in this book. The narration of Sam Tsoutsouvas serves as icing on the cake and makes this audio book a complete package for all the book enthusiasts.

Richard came across to see the tip of a sword blade hanging out from the shoulder blades of a man. He get back toward Richard after flinging the lady out of the seen opening. He was ready to attack and it looked almost impossible, but the man seemed totally unharmed with the blade, which had pierced him right through the chest.

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It was then through the little weak light coming out from the fire pit, where Richard saw the killer for the first time. There were as many as 3 knives stabbed right up to the brass cross guards in the rib cage. Once could only see the handles of the knives there. Richard also saw the defected end of the sword blade, which could be seen right at the middle of the man’s chest. The other end point of the blade could be seen sticking out from the back of the man and that was a terrible sight. Such horrific scenes and discoveries continues on and on, until Richard comes to the realization of something.

Blood of the Fold and Temple of the Winds are other top class novels from Terry Goodkind, which you must try listening to.


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