The Third Option

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The Mitch Rapp mystery novel series is back gain with its 4th chapter titled as, The Third Option. It is written by Vince Flynn, who is credited to produce some great political thrillers having brutal terrorists and heroics of spying agents. Nick Sullivan had the honors of doing the narration of this book in a very commanding and effortless manner, which allows people to connect well with the characters of the book.

Mitch Rapp, the highly reputed and well acknowledged counterterrorism operative of CIA falls victim to the government forces in The Third Operation novel. The government had the agenda at that time after Dr. Irene Kennedy got nominated as the successor of Thomas Stansfield, the CIA Director, who is near his death. This particular choice enraged a number of personnel with the most influential intelligence agency of the world. The detractors of Dr. Irene were expected to go to any extreme in order to deny her from taking the reins. This thing made Mitch Rapp an expendable asset. However, Rapp doesn’t like to be a pawn for anyone.

The story has everything that you want in a high-end crime mystery thriller. The latest novel from Vine Flynn, The Third Operation involves mysteries about the extensive helpings of the international intrigues and some really surprising situations with the domestic politics of United States of America. It is a story of betrayal and the initial shortcomings of Mitch Rapp, which puts him in a very awkward and an unwanted position.

Lethal Agent and Red War crime thrillers makes a huge statement about the excellent writing and creativity skills of Vince Flynn as a proficient crime mystery writer.




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