The Thousandth Floor

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The Thousandth Floor marks the start of an exciting series with the same title as this novel, The Thousandth Floor. This is a fictional novel series for teen and young adult readers and listeners. The book is written by Katherine McGee. She is a young and talented author of only 32 years of age and has already got some quite exciting novels to her credit. If you want to know about some more works from the author then you must check out her American Royals II: Majesty and The Towering Sky novels in their respective audio formats.

Phoebe Strole did the narration of this novel and the performance was one of the highlights of this audio version of the chapter.

New York City some 100 years into the future is seen as a great city of dreams and innovation. But, the people of the city never changes. Everyone here is looking to have something and all of them had something critical to losing as well.

The flawless exterior of Leda Cole had a secret addiction and that was for a drug that she had never used in her life and should have also never touched that boy there.

The beautiful and carefree life of Eris Dodd falls into pieces when a very heartbreaking betrayal completely tears apart her family. Then there is Rylin Myers with her job on the highest floors and she was part of a romance that she could have never imagined.

The narration of this chapter was even better than the storyline and the audience completely relished it. The story was also good and laid a good foundation for the upcoming novels in The Thousandth Floor novel series.

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