The Three Mrs. Wrights

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Linda Keir starts knitting a very clever tale from the beginning of the novel and then till the end of the story there is no crack or weak link in it. If anyone is thinking that it is equal to The Swing of Things or Drowning with Others then he is seriously mistaken because the book has much more to deliver. The author presents three women with different lifestyles and personalities.

The one thing which they share is a husband and they are not yet aware of the thing. When they are going to find out the true identity of their husband then it would be the end of the days for the man who has been cheating on them all these years. In Teri Schnaubelt’s superbly dramatic voice we get the chance to listen to this novel which is not hilarious when the three women finally meet.

Lark is the first woman who gets introduced in the novel and she is quite satisfied with her life. She has achieved everything very quickly including love. It is because of the love that the man of her dreams has provided her that she has been able to do wonders in life. Jessica is also impressed by a man named Jonathan and he has made her dreams turn into reality.

She thinks that he is an ideal partner who will change her life forever. Lastly, there is Holly who is just proud of her married life because she has built her life with the help of her husband. Together they have raised three children and have constructed a marvelously huge villa for themselves.

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