The Throne of Fire

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The bi-racial sister again come to the scene, this time in a strong way as now they know who they really are and what are the capable of.  The first part The Red Pyramid was a shocker for them and us, the story after those few shockers move in the style that was prominent in The Son of Neptune.  Kevin R. Free and Katherine Kellgren are also back in action for the narration of another one by Rick Riordan.

The only difference between the previous books and this series is that it is not connected to Rome or Greek. This one takes us to Ancient Egypt where Carter and Sadie’s father has unleashed something far more deadly than death itself.

Keeping the world safe is the duty of the “House of Life” which means the two sisters who are the last of the decedents of that particular family. According to different myths the two sister and their family also possess some powers of their own but the two sisters were never given ample time to learn about their powers.

Apophis is the latest threat in this second portion; the chaos snake is a threat to the whole wide world is on the verge of breaking free from the shackles of magic. The two are in need of the sun god but their magic is still not powerful enough to summon that legendary power. Thrilling and superbly drawn story takes us on a tour of the worlds unknown and mysterious than ever. Most of the gods are not new they have been borrowed from the old myths and tales but the heroines are new.



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    The Red Pyramid

    The Serpent’s Shadow


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