The Tipping Point

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The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

Many people like changes in their life and also the changes taking place around them amuse them a lot. These changes could be negative as well and in this case, they don’t amuse you rather they scare you. For example, if you see many teenagers of your locality smoking on the corner of the street then there is a big chance that the children of your home will start doing the same. Everything which is happening around us at a rapid pace or in a routine can cause an impact on our life.

These changes are even compared to an epidemic by the author Malcolm Gladwell. Malcolm narrates certain happenings that changed society drastically and he wants to know why they affected society in such a big way. The author takes the example of a new hotel which at once gets crowded with people on the first day. And then there are certain places where people don’t want to go because they lack hustle and bustle.

Each book of the author promotes some new thoughts, Talking to Strangers and Outliers had their motives in them. This one is rather for a research purpose because the author wants to know why some shows or some places have more impact on the people than the others. There are things which spread like an infection in the general public and the people they start believing on certain products and people just for trend purpose. When the trend disappears we don’t hear about them anymore and their place is taken by some other thing at such a quick pace that it makes us forget about the previous one.

The Tipping Point The Tipping Point

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