The Toll

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 Arc of a Scythe, Book 3

The Toll is a book written by Neal Shusterman. It is part 3 of the Arc of Scythe novel series by the author. This novel and the entire series is science fiction fantasy intended for teenage readers/ listeners. Greg Tremblay is responsible for the narration of this book, where he has impressed all his listeners with his amazingly powerful and stern voice that goes well with the characters of this book.

The Arc of Scythe trilogy went on to become one of the best-selling series in the New York Times. This is the final book of the trilogy where prophets, dictators and tensions are all on the rise. In a world or a place, which is conquered death, so will the humanity be able to ultimately torn asunder by all the immortal creatures that it created?

Rowan and Citra have gone missing and no one have any idea about their disappearance. Endura is also gone. It apparently looks like that there is absolutely nothing, which stands between the Scythe Goddard and the complete power over the scythedom world. However, there is still a question to be answered and that is: Is there anyone powerful enough left on the face of this world, who could dare stop them ?

Neal Shusterman is very popular among teens and has got a number of other novels to his credit as well. If you want to explore the writer more with some of his highly appreciated novels then you must check out Unwind and Scythe. Both the recommended books are for teens, who will definitely fell in love with the creativity of the writer and the powerful characters that he has produced.


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