The Tombs

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It’s Clive Cussler and Thomas Perry who write the fourth part of the adventure series. This time the team of husband and wife goes to an old friend who happens to be an archeologist working on a top secret mission. As they go deep into the mission they find out something that proves too hard for them to digest i.e the lead that takes them to the tomb of Attila the Hun. The king was supposed to be buried with a huge amount jewels and gold that was never found though the bounty was still on till the present day.

The Fargos move to different countries of the world as they do in almost all the parts like The Kingdom, and The Mayan Secrets. This time the trail lead them to Italy, Hungary, France, Russia and even Kazakhstan, the climax however becomes matchless when instead of one they find five tombs.

Now only one tomb according to legend has the treasure but the team is with a little time as there are dangerous men on their tail like a group of thieves and a greedy businessman. There is also a person who claims that he is the direct descent of the great king and thus is the heir to the whole treasure.

The stories keep on getting better and better every time we start listening to the next part in the picture perfect voice of Scott Brick. The plots are strong and the missions have a broader spectrum. One thing is always present in the stories i.e the element of thrill, suspense is there but its not the dominant aspect of the series.



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