The Tower of the Swallow

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The Witcher Saga, Book 4

This is the 4th in the series of The Witcher Saga written by Andrzej Sapkowski and with the remarkable voice of Peter Kenny.

As you must have listened to the previous novel that was the Baptism of Fire, you will notice how things have gotten changed and how every character is now getting on the track towards their prophecy destination which is destined to the unusual things that a human may never have imagined so far.

Since the evil has spread all over and things are likely to be getting worse, there are many things that could be done and would be done by the good people, but all that shivers everyone is how there are going to be certain possibilities and which of the nature’s rule would help things directing towards the good for all of the races in this world.

You can also listen to the Blood of Elves in order to get an idea about the characters and the actual happening which are truly connected and you will enjoy more if you know things right from the start.

So, the war can be seen spreading all over the world and Ciri has gone no one knows where and how she got into the trap.

She is living in disguise but who knows everyone is closing the circle for her to destine her life back according to the prophecy. How will she manage through the enemies, how will she doe what is destined to and how all will manage to get the prophecy completed in the right way? All is yet to be explored in the upcoming books which you may keep on listening if you have time to live in a world of wonders, uncertainty, and horror of being in a war of races.

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The Witcher Saga:

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    Baptism of Fire

    Lady of the Lake


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