The Truths We Hold

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Fighting for justice pays off in the end but at first, it is not easy to walk on the path of justice and truthfulness. Obstacles hinder the way of the torchbearer and try to stop him or her as quickly as possible. Kamala Harris writes and then narrates the same sort of material borrowed from her own life. She starts the book by telling the audience about her parents who actively participated in movements for the justice of mankind. Her father was from Jamaica and her mother was an Indian by origin.

The two met each other during a campaign for human rights after which they got engaged very soon. Kamala from her childhood saw her parents as the yardstick and always tried to fill in their shoes. Going to law school was not Kamala’s need rather it was her passion to become a law prosecutor. Soon she was working as the District Attorney in America and got fine fame all over the United States. Wherever she went she made her voice heard by the people and the authorities of the land. Her job for California’s working families proved to be a landmark in her whole career.

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Whether it was a security issue or other problems associated to finance Kamala has been there for the downtrodden all the time. Commitment at this stage is her second name in the department. The concept of Superheroes Are Everywhere emerges once again in the picture. From a common family, we observe the rise of a hero who is not backing down from a challenge. Fighting for a cause has remained the main motive of Kamala’s whole family since the beginning. Member Benefit

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    Legacy of Lies


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