The Twist of a Knife

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There is so much in the mind of the author Anthony Horowitz that there is nothing compared to it currently in the fiction section. The author can really play with the mind of the listener and he can take him to a world where everything happens according to plans of Horowitz. The author takes us back to the two major characters i.e Anthony and Daniel Hawthorne who have worked together on different cases and now Anthony does not want to work with Daniel anymore.

Daniel does not go to the opening when the new play of the author comes into the theatre. There were critics who were watching the opening show because they wanted to provide the audience with their feedback which would decide the fate of the play later on. Margaret Throsby was one of the critics who were there in the first show of the play was launched. The critic gave negative comments on the play and the next day he was found dead.

The dagger which was used to kill the critic had Anthony’s fingerprint on it. The writer was arrested at once by inspector Cara who still possesses some personal grudges against the author. Magpie Murders and The Word Is Murder possess information about these kinds of characters so go through these books before this novel to get some idea.

While Anthony is in prison another critic gets stabbed which makes the case more complex. Anthony thinks that he needs the help of Daniel again if he wants to survive another day. Thus the call is made which brings the team back together in the middle.

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