The Tyrant’s Tomb

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Danger, fun and thrill combine to form the books that are fabricated by Rick Riordan, for years the author has been serving the kids corner. This particular book reminds us about The Red Pyramid and The House of Hades because once again the main hero is from the myths of the past. It is Apollo who is in action because he is left with this only way to regain his lost glory. Banished from Olympus this mighty god has no powers at all, not even physical one because he is in the form of a mere human now. The height, strength and magic everything has suddenly disappeared from this great one.

Apollo has to regain five oracles after which he would be bestowed with the powers he was once born with.  The fights have given him mental and physical fatigues but the god is committed to get back to Olympus. Camp Jupiter is the next station in which he forms ally in the form of Roman gods preparing to fight against an evil force. When they go the tomb of the Roman ruler Apollo realizes that he is going to face a real maniac.

But he cannot just move away from the fight as old friends like Hazel and Reyna need his help to fight against this deadly creature. The book is awesome in action and although narrated not enthusiastically by Robbie Daymond but still the words are clear and the voice has fluency in it. No delays between the scenes and shift of place which is a noteworthy thing in a good narration these days where several choices in narration are available.





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