The Ultimate Super Villains

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Marvel has a habit of coming with new things all the time and no one can deny that the villains of this brand also possess a class and status of their own. To attempt something new Stan Lee promotes the dark devils i.e the villains of Marvel more than the heroes in this bunch of stories. Book does not go all the way with just one villain and one story rather there are several short stories in the book which gives the public more variety in characters and stories. First to start with is the adventure tale with the Avengers involved in it.


There are fights, laughter, and an awesome finish in this first story. After it comes to the stories with tricksters like Loki involved in it ready to pounce on the opportunity to get his hands on the crown once again. For this, he has to get rid of his brother first i.e the god with a hammer of authority in his hand all the time. The clever cat and mouse chase are engaging. Later Stan Lee has given some time to the X-men as well.

Over the years books such as Stan Lee’s Alliances: A Trick of Light and Untold Tales of Spider-Man showed Stan Lee’s lack of interest in X-men but not this time. Description of the leading X-men characters shows that the author has given a lot of time to this section of the Marvel Empire.

The mission allotted to Magneto and Professor Xavier is also more serious as compared to the other characters in the stories. Angelo Di Loreto knew the concern of the author for the X-men section because of which there is a special slow narration for that section of the book.

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