The Undead: Part 2

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The Undead Part 2 is the 2nd chapter of the popular and bestselling The Undead novel series. The book and the series is written by R. R. Haywood. The author is known for his excellent horror novels and also has some impressive science fiction fantasy novels to his credit. Extracted and Extinct are two top quality novels from Haywood that are worth mentioning here. You would love to have them in the audiobook format for best entertainment possible.

The Undead: part 2 is a horror fiction. Dan Morgan gave the narration of this novel and truly justified his performance by aptly playing the characters with his stern voice.

The story is about a deadly infection that spread far and wide across Europe. The Undead noel series is best understood if the series is rad/ listen completely and in order.

The story in this chapter two is of days 3 to 6. Dave and Howie both goes to Salisbury training barracks of the army. They had a plan to rescue sister of Howie from London. They went to the army barracks for the sake of finding some armored recruits carrier. That was needed by them to see them safely go through the immensely populated and infected towns. These towns and the infection lead well deep into the capital.

Howie take full charge of some young army personnel, which they met at the barracks. They lead them in a battle that killed bands of the undead. They met an enigmatic ex-soldier named Big Chris. He is leading a hurriedly established commune in London. They agreed to help one another and went for the costly medical equipment first.

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