The Undead: Part 6

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The night mare tale that we witnessed in the fifth part was really one of a kind, especially the sensation was aroused by undead living in a compound. R.R. Haywood doesn’t add too much detail about the origin of the undead instead the author spends more time in painting the scenes that are a source of attraction for the fans. Right from the publishing of the first book one thing that has been impressive is the zombie hunting. The thirst with which the undead hunts for the human flesh is really scary.

Dan Morgan’s narration is the real deal, his narration enhanced the impression of the previous parts more than 90 percent and now this one two is outstanding performance. FREE: The Undead and The Worldship Humility can be a good thing for the entertainment of the lovers of this series. Paco Maguire wanted to color the movie with real scenes thus he advances towards the undead with the aid of a dog who is immune to all this.

The dog can search for the undead but what if the undead follow him back to the human population it would be another nightmare. Howie and his team like always have a big gigantic task at hands and the only lead is the dog that can hunt the hunters and can prove lethal for the job at the time of war.

The dog also proves that one can become immune against the lethal attacks of the undead and the cure lies within the existence of the dog that can finally change the course of the battle forever. It seems that the finale is coming very soon that would end this saga in a big way that is expected of it.

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