The Universe Has Your Back

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Gabrielle Bernstein has shown her skill in developing faith in people through her works. Her primary aim has always been to motivate people so that they can face the problems of their life in a much bolder way. There is no such thing as bad luck or bad fortunes; it is just the creation of our own imagination that lacks positivity on certain occasions. The stories or the incidents that the book contain motivates us to get rid of our fears and make room for optimism with the help of which we would be able to live our life peacefully.

Gabrielle in her other books like Super Attractor also focuses on attracting positive energy toward yourself. She is of the view that stress attracts more stress and when you start thinking about enjoyment the state of joy helps you to get rid of the tension and anxiety. In a world that we assume is full of tragedy this book can play the role of a beacon of light which will lead you toward pleasures with no ending at all.

Another important aspect of this book is that the author is not like other writers who inculcate this thing in people’s mind that the universe is an opposite force. According to the other the universe or the whole wide world is your best ally and is present around you to support you not to destroy you.

This book too is narrated by the author herself and we can feel the confidence in her growing with the success of each book that she is producing. The book is without any doubt a true delight for the weekend.





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