The Unusual Second Life of Thomas Weaver

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The start of a beautiful series by Shawn Inmon presents a new way of time traveling in which the main character Thomas Weaver is given another opportunity to correct his past mistakes so that he can make his presence a bit less pinching and can live the rest of his life in a soothing manner.

The story begins in 2016 when Thomas was spending the life of a middle-aged man who was always haunted by his teenage memories and the things that he had done wrong in his life, as he closes his eyes in these thoughts he is shifted back in time and the year appear to be 1976, luckily he is in possession of the same middle-aged and mature brain who knows what was done wrong and whom could he trust.

The story also brings a question to our mind as well that what would we do if we get another chance to live the same life once again with an adult brain of course that can tell the difference between right and wrong and already knows the outcome of certain decisions.

Still, Thomas had to face quite a lot of difficulties because he does not possess that developed outlook of a mature man anymore, he had to learn the high school algebra once again, had to deal with a serial killer and the old romance of the teenager as well.

The story is wonderfully woven and the scenes are quite gripping just like the scenes you see in writer’s other works like    The Redemption of Michael Hollister and The Final Life of Nathaniel Moon. The story does not possess a lot of twists and thus the plot is not that much complicated. Johnny Heller narrates in high pitched fashion and depicts the era of 1976 quite well.

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