The Vampire Diaries, Book 4

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The Vampires Diaries, Book 4 is the fourth chapter of the Vampire Diaries. It is written by L. J. Smith who got a good repute as a writer of the young adult fiction genre. The Vampire Diaries series did a wonderful job in the writing career of the author and also for her fans. If you want to experience the best of that series then try The Vampire Diaries, Book 2 of the same series. Another gem from the author from this same series is its opening title, The Vampire Diaries, Book 1.

The narration of the series is done by Rebecca Mozo. She seemed to have completely transformed herself as a performer after giving poor performances in the first couple of chapters. This performance was probably her best so far in the series.

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The story is more of a love triangle. It revolves around the character of Elena who transformed into a golden girl for becoming something that she once desired and feared at the same time. Stefan is another integral part of the story and not all was good with him after losing Elena from his life. He was also looking forward to coming to terms with Feud and ending their intense tussle once and for all. But, he had a lot of other enemies as well apart from just his brother, Damon. Damon eventually possessed Elena. Will it be the case this time for Damon and Stefan to come against each other for one last battle?

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