The Vampire Diaries

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The three parts of the Vampire Diaries by Aubrey Clark, L.J. Smith start in a cool, relax and romantic manner. When all the friends and family members are having a good time together and they think that the happiness will remain forever. But an unforeseen force pounce on them at that moment and every moment after that which they spend in the presence of one another seem to be their last.

Since the horror of death is always upon them and the most tragic thing is that they don’t know the cause and the source that attacks them, it just comes out of nowhere to take their live and the joy which they once had in the presence of one another. Just like in the other series and books including The Vampire Dairies: Stefan’s Diaries collection #1-6 – L.J. Smith there is a lot to experience in this series as well.

Elena’s fears finally appear to be true all this time as she was the one who was sensing the threat right from the beginning. The second part opens with the death of Stefan who was killed by the scientist that wants to take over the vampire world but after killing the natural vampires that are present in the world and after that replacing those with the homemade ones. The next target is Damon and Stefan had to save him at any rate.

The third and the last part starts with another problem for Elena and Damon who after killing the scientist face a death tragedy that approaches them slowly but it can be avoided if they travel back in time and do the impossible. They can change the future by going into the past but the future to could prove to be a disaster for all of them. Amy Rubinate’s narration has successfully portrayed the love and tragedy present throughout the series.      

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