The Vampire Lestat

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The Vampire Lestat is a popular novel by Anne Rice. It is a paranormal science fiction fantasy and it was well received by audience world over. The novel is chapter 2 of The Vampire Chronicles novel series. Simon Vance once again has done a brilliant job as the narrator of this novel, just as he has done in its prequel.

Lestat was once an aristocrat in the intoxicating time of the pre-revolutionary France. Now in the 1980s, he is a phenomenal rock star in the demonic. In order to reach there with such a role in current times, he had to rush through several centuries, while also searching other creatures like him over the period of time. He went through the time to find out answers related to all the terrifying mysterious related to his existence.

His story in this novel, The Vampire Lestat is the best-selling novel from The Vampire Chronicles series by Anne Rice. You will find the novel to be highly passionate, mesmerizing, entertaining and thrilling. The beauty of this and many other novels by Anne Rice is that they are stand alone and you really don’t need to know much about the prequels in order to understand any novel that you take from the series. However, in this one, the author does make a few references to the Interview with the Vampire novel, but that doesn’t matter too much, I you haven’t read or listened that before.

The Queen of the Damned and Interview with the Vampire are other popular novels by Anne Rice. These are again the paranormal science fiction fantasy novels, which are based on stories of vampires and witches for which the novelist is famously known for.






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    Interview with the Vampire

    The Queen of the Damned


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