The Verifiers

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The world of social media and the internet is taken as the subject of this novel by Jane Pek. This is the debut novel of the author because of which the author has taken care of all the details in it. Eunice Wong i.e the narrator of the novel has given a nice performance in Life Ceremony and Portrait of a Thief so this was not a new experience for the narrator. Claudia is a girl from an average family whose life is portrayed by the author.

The girl is just bored by the attitude of her family because her family wants her to find a Chinese boy for herself so that she can live a happy married life. The girl on the other hand does not want all of that because she has other high hopes about her future.

Moreover, she is more interested in girls, right from her teenage and so far she has not been able to tell her family because it would be a difficult thing to digest for them. The dating detective agency is the place where Claudia starts her job and she thinks that the company will help her in providing meaning to her life.

Then during her watch, a client just goes missing and this becomes impossible for Claudia to digest. She starts investigating on her own which is of course against the rules of the company but the girl wasn’t able to go by the rules on this occasion. Claudia wanted to know the truth and when she goes deep into the secrets of the world of technology, her life does not remain the same afterward.

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