The Very First Damned Thing

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Jodi Taylor starts the fantasy in an odd way, Jodi has narrated this one too because only the writer knew what was the true demand of the story. It is not the whole story the series starts at this when the team is formed after the battle once again. It is like rising from the ashes that is toughest thing to handle because everyone around is down and out and first the leader should make himself realize that what he is doing is the right thing.

It’s Dr. Bairstow who sees life in a different perspective after the end of the war at Battersea Barricades. It has been two years since the war really concluded and the good Dr. Bairstow is again trying to assemble a new team. The hopes are high but not quite a fascinating group of people are available to him. There are no more funds that can make him able to hire new people, secondly the skilled one are not available anymore.

There are few guards with him that are completely naked and a young man who too looks in a bad shape. The job is tough and the stakes are higher than ever, they got to protect the historical places and retrieve what is stolen during the war in two years. Interesting for those who read Just One Damned Thing After Another after this otherwise the book will make no sense at all. continuation and rhythm is the basic strength of the this fantasy and the listener has to go through at least two to three parts for an understanding of author’s way of writing and the theme behind the series.

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