The Watcher Girl

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Life and sentiments have a very close relationship with each other. Our sentiments make or destroy our life. Grace had a sentimental feeling for Sutton and she wanted to marry that awesome boyfriend of hers but she declined. She didn’t marry Sutton because she thought that she had a lot of troubles in her life so if she marries Sutton she would be giving all those anxieties to him as well.

Now eight years have passed although Grace has not established any sort of contact with his ex-boyfriend she has been keeping an eye on him through his social media accounts. According to the information present on the internet, it is clear that the man is living a wonderful life and he has named his daughter Grace which is quite amusing. There are different things that don’t fit in very nicely so Grace decides to look into the matter.

She becomes a friend of Sutton’s wife and very quickly she realizes that nothing is like what was told. Sutton’s wife Campbell happens to be a nice woman and she is in a miserable state because Sutton has changed a lot. The man has changed so much over the years that he is now like a threat to his wife and daughter.

Minka Kent used the brilliant technique of suspense in The Stillwater Girls and The Memory Watcher which was the main cause of success in those novels. Now Saskia Maarleveld narrates another one from the same category and the suspense continues till the last word is uttered. Don’t think that everything will be revealed to us like fish and chips in the novel.

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