The Water Dancer

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The Water Dancer is a fictional novel written by Ta-Nehisi Coates in a very grasping manner. Listeners would definitely fell in love with the characters and the way story builds up. The narration of the book also plays a critical role in its success, which is given by Joe Morton.

The story is about Hiram Walker, who was born into servitude. Hiram lost all memories of her mother, when she got sold. But, a mysterious power was gifted to him. He discovered that power years later, when he got himself saved from drowning through that it. This close encounter with death made Hiram come up with an idea. The idea was to escape from the home, which he has ever known.

A journey for Hiram begins, which took him to the guerrilla cells, which were in complete wilderness. Despite being involved in a brutal underground war between the enslaved and the slavers, he was quite determined to rescue the family, which he had left behind.

The story tells about atrocities wreaked on a whole generation of men, women and kids even. It is about the violent separation of relations. The book promises to restore humanity in all those people, for whom everything is stolen. The story shows human misery but at the same time have a great lesson to learn as well.

The book also had the distinction to top the best-seller charts in New York Times.

Ta-Nehisi Coates is a proud recipient of National Book Award. He has many other nonfictional books to his credit as well. The highly recommended books of the author are: We Were Eight years in Power and Between the World and Me.






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