The Way of Kings

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The Way of Kings is a novel written by Brandon Sanderson, who name doesn’t need any introduction in the literary writing world. It is mainly because of the countless excellent and successful novels against his name, which sensationalized a whole new generation of book lovers.

The book is part 1 of the Stormlight Archive saga. It is all a science fiction fantasy with an excellent storyline and characterization. The narration of The Way of Kings is given by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer, who were appreciated by masses for their performances.

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Roshar is known as a world full of storms and stone. Weird gales of the immense power goes across all the rocky terrain so constantly that they have turned both the civilization and ecology alike. Animals under such circumstances goes on to hide themselves in shells, trees used to pull in the branches and the grass end up retracting itself into the soilless surface. Cities are built only on the places where the topography has got some sort of shelter to offer.

It has been many centuries since the time of falloff the ten consecrated orders that are known as the Knights Radiant. But, their Shardplate and the Shardblades remain. The suits of armor and the mystical swords transformed many of the ordinary men into invincible warriors. May wars were fought for those invincible warriors and also won by them.

Brandon Sanderson is a class in science fiction fantasy novels and you as a book lover cannot resist yourself to read or listen more from the writer. If you are interested in more books from the writer then you should check out Edgedancer and Oathbringer. Member Benefit

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